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Stories create us as much as we create them.

Lewis Mehl-Madrone

Mary's story

A gritty portrait of a former foster youth, who traveled the country, traversed homelessness and tackled addiction. Share her incredible story of finding meaning and life purpose tending to the land, and fellow foster youth.

Homeless Compassion Project #1_1.8.1.jpg

the unhoused compassion Project

How can we change minds and hearts regarding the most overlooked and marginalized amongst us? Take part in a novel program in which the housed and unhoused meet to find common ground in the most unexpected of places.

Finding Home.png

Finding Home: a Series

Journey into hidden populations of homelessness and the insurmountable challenges the unhoused face in getting back on their feet.

'My story': A Series

Revealing our shared humanity through personal vignettes, 'My Story' is an ongoing series examining the trials and travails of those on the outskirts of society -- and what they have to teach us.

Sharing stories with the community is powerful work. 

Stories bring healing, inspiration, and light. ShadowPower seeks to fuse the ancient practice of community-based storytelling with the hypnotic power of moving image and sound. If you feel called to partake in this fusion, we need your voice and your support. 


You can add your story here or share our work with others. You can also contribute here.

All donations will go directly to capturing community stories. 

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