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About Us

ShadowPower is a production company founded by Darlene DeRose and Dylan Johnston. Our company seeks to change how stories are told. We create docu-style visual media, whether documentary films, promotional content, campaign videos, or advocacy shorts. Our work has been used for outreach, education, entertainment, impact and advocacy.

We have worked with clients as diverse as non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, political campaigns, religious organizations and volunteer groups. 

As filmmakers, we share a passion for telling stories in an emotionally impactful, powerful and unique way. We strive to tell stories in ways that others do not. Where some see only suffering, we find insight. We seek to share the beauty and lessons that exist beneath the surface.


We don't exploit or sensationalize suffering. Instead, we honor and embrace the wisdom that these experiences bring to the world. Our work is designed to reveal the humanity beneath the story, the inspiration behind the action, the wisdom hidden in the words. We tap into people's authentic stories, enabling genuine connection with the viewer.

Meet the Team

Stories create us as much as we create them.

Lewis Mehl-Madrone

Our Clients


Dr. Nicole Noceto
Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine

Darlene and Dylan exude a passion for connecting with communities who need their stories shared.

John Davenport
CaliGround Troops Founder
Veteran, US Marine Corps

Compassion shows up through their lenses and the stories they tell… ShadowPower is on the way to being great.

Tom Aswad
Support4Recovery Founder
30 Years in Recovery

Darlene and Dylan have the unique ability to really capture the heartfelt experiences of those they are working with.

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