It's A Dream Photo

It's A Dream

A dreamy portrait of a vision made real by two pastors, across generations -- and the community that makes it come alive -- inspiring others in both word and action.



Dancers tell stories without words. Sink into stories of relationship, loss, and heartache, told through the medium of dance -- and narrated by the voices of the dancers.

Who We Are Photo

Who we are

Sharing abundance with others is a gift fully understood by those with compassion. An inspirational community program seen through the eyes of both volunteers and recipients.

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Pablo's Story

Sometimes our best laid plans go awry, for reasons we cannot understand. A tender portrait of a cobbler, recovering alcoholic and sole-repairer turned soul-repairer, who finds his life path in his darkest moment.



Recovery can be a long road out of darkness. When people share the journey, both in community and through story, the burden is shared and light revealed. In these intimate conversations, we learn of a few such journeys.


Garden Installation

Through a 'day-in-a-life', experience the freedom of connecting with nature in the garden, and transformation -- of not only the garden, but also people -- guided by decorated military veteran Johni Davenport.